President, JLC Holdings Ent.

15+ Years Experience 

Consulting Services

  • Current Maintenance/Repair Process and Procedural Analysis 
  • Gap and Risk Identification
  • Lift OEM/Component OEM Requirements Comparison 
  • Current and Forecasted Jurisdictional Requirements Summary
  • Provide Recommendation/Implementation Plan 
  • MCP (Maintenance Control Program)
  • Safety/Rescue/Evacuation Plan Using Lifts/Elevators
  • Jurisdictional Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation

"Robert can be heavily relied upon to effectively manage critical business and financial operations and to make sound decisions."

Repair - Reliable, quick turn-around with an honest, quality fix of your unit. Clients shouldn't have to wait a month for a return visit. We provide solutions to mitigate downtime. Certified and trained, the job will get done to the highest possible standard for increased confidence and the best possible quality. 

Maintenance - ​The life of your equipment is directly related to how that equipment is maintained. Through training, process development, and following the OEM's Guidelines the level of safety can only increase. 

Serving North America

8 years background in the Wind Industry. 15 years business development. Service in the Tri-State area out of Hancock County, Illinois. Indi Wind is dedicated to safety, quality, and satisfaction.

"In an effort to spend more time with my family and travel less, I've decided to start my own company. As much as I have loved working with technicians in the field, home is where my heart is at this point in my life. I believe there is a need for reliable, honest, trustworthy service. There can be NO COMPROMISE to Safety." -Robert S.

"I can state with confidence, that Robert is motivated, very responsible, and presents a high degree of integrity. While working on our site, Robert consistently performed to the highest level." 

Wind Plant Manager
13 Years Experience

Elevator Division Head

20+ Years Experience

"You have been a great help to me and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!" - Mike Mellon Retired Head of Elevator Division