We are a "care-centric" organization

Product - Indi wants to provide the products that our market wants balancing both budget and quality.

ServiceIndi pledges to follow through and follow up with our valued client to ensure we are meeting their needs recognizing we will always have room to improve.

QualityIndi will strive to achieve the highest level of quality across the board.

CompanyIt isn't just about the customer. It's about us too! Taking care of our organization through dedication and policy will ensure carry over to our client for a shining experience.

EmployeeJust as we value your feedback, we value our own internal feedback. The door is open for criticism giving our people a voice so that Indi can continue to be better.

In other words... WE CARE! All the above points are considered equally important for our chain of success. Simple. Meaningful. Effective.

Product - service - quality - company - employee

What does it mean to be "care-centric" as an organization? In this instance we will stress that the term should be taken literally.

Definition of care:

1. the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
synonyms: safekeeping, supervision, custody, charge, protection, control, responsibility;
guardianship, wardship
2. serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.
synonyms: caution, carefulness, heedfulness, heed, attention, attentiveness
"handle with care"discretion, judiciousness, forethought, thought, regard, heed, mindfulness; accuracy, precision, discrimination
1. feel concern or interest; attach importance to something.
synonyms: be concerned, worry (oneself), trouble oneself, concern oneself, bother, mind, be interested; informalgive a damn, give a hoot
2. look after and provide for the needs of.
synonyms: look after, take care of, tend (to), attend to, minister to, nurse; 
be responsible for, keep safe, keep an eye on

"Safety without compromise is what I live by." - Robert Shattell

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